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Lifter's Name Linda Kyritsis Gender F
Club --- State SA
Coach Arjun Tokhi
Age Group Mast 45-49 Weightlifting Age 46 (Born 1972)

Personal Bests


Competition History

SAWLA November Open56.943852907/11/2015128.444
SAWLA December Open57.52(+7) 45(+2) 54(+9) 9919/12/2015140.233
SAWLA February Open57.2437528920/02/2016126.522
SAWLA April Open55.504055959/04/2016138.226
SAWLA May Open & Eleiko Club Challenge Qualifying Round56.044459(+4) 10321/05/2016148.766
Olitek Australian & Oceania Masters Championships55.724056964/06/2016139.260
SAWLA June Open56.904460(+1) 10425/06/2016148.502
SAWLA State Championships57.2444559923/07/2016140.738
SA Club Challenge Round 355.4242509224/06/2017131.059
SA Club Challenge Round 454.7640569626/08/2017137.905
AWF & OWF Masters Championships & Pacific Rim & World Cup52.10406010027/10/2017148.888
SA Club Challenge Round 652.924560(+1) 1052/12/2017154.559
Australian & Oceania Masters Championships52.5537559225/05/2018136.116

Competition Attempts

SAWLA November Open56.943335384850523852907/11/2015
SAWLA December Open57.5238414551545445549919/12/2015
SAWLA February Open57.2435363749525537528920/02/2016
SAWLA April Open55.503840465053554055959/04/2016
SAWLA May Open & Eleiko Club Challenge Qualifying Round56.04384244565659445910321/05/2016
Olitek Australian & Oceania Masters Championships55.724044445050564056964/06/2016
SAWLA June Open56.90404448505560446010425/06/2016
SAWLA State Championships57.2440444455606044559923/07/2016
SA Club Challenge Round 355.4235384245505542509224/06/2017
SA Club Challenge Round 454.7640434350535640569626/08/2017
AWF & OWF Masters Championships & Pacific Rim & World Cup52.10404045505760406010027/10/2017
SA Club Challenge Round 652.9240454850556045601052/12/2017
Australian & Oceania Masters Championships52.5537424555606037559225/05/2018

Percent Successful Lifts

Number EventsSNCJBoth
State Events1082%77%80%
Higher Events (National/International)333%67%50%
All Events (Overall)1369%77%73%

Average First Attempts Compared to PB

When Successful-6kg - 11 events-7kg - 10 events
When missed-5kg - 1 events-4kg - 2 events

History of Records Broken

LiftRecordBwtLevelAge GroupDateRecord Status
CJ52F58SAMast 40-4407/Nov/2015Broken by Linda Kyritsis
SNATCH38F58SAMast 40-4407/Nov/2015Broken by Linda Kyritsis
TOTAL90F58SAMast 40-4407/Nov/2015Broken by Linda Kyritsis
TOTAL99F58SAMast 40-4419/Dec/2015Broken by Linda Kyritsis
SNATCH45F58SAMast 40-4419/Dec/2015Current Record
CJ54F58SAMast 40-4419/Dec/2015Broken by Linda Kyritsis
CJ55F58SAMast 40-4409/Apr/2016Broken by Linda Kyritsis
CJ59F58SAMast 40-4421/May/2016Broken by Linda Kyritsis
TOTAL103F58SAMast 40-4421/May/2016Broken by Linda Kyritsis
TOTAL104F58SAMast 40-4425/Jun/2016Current Record
CJ60F58SAMast 40-4425/Jun/2016Current Record
TOTAL100F53SAMast 45-4927/Oct/2017Broken by Linda Kyritsis
CJ60F53SAMast 45-4927/Oct/2017Current Record
SNATCH40F53SAMast 45-4927/Oct/2017Broken by Linda Kyritsis
SNATCH45F53SAMast 45-4902/Dec/2017Current Record
TOTAL105F53SAMast 45-4902/Dec/2017Current Record
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