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November SAWLA Open Start List

Comp List for this weekend! Weigh in is at 8AM-9AM; Competition starts at 10AM. There will only be 1 session.

Le Nguyen 56kg
Frank Elliott 77kg
Jason Jenkins 77kg
Huang-l Liao (Sam) 77kg
Craig Swincer 77kg
Toby Cathcart 85kg
Ju Sung Han 85kg
John Humphrys 94kg
Mitchell Gustafsson 94kg
Tom Smith 94kg
Jordan Steffans 105+

Claire Wilson 58kg
Anastasia Pascoe 75+kg

Following the competition at 1PM is the Annual General Members meeting (AGM). Please stay as we vote in the new board as well as listen to what the current board has accomplished in the past few months and our plans moving forward!



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